What is the Veinoacc SCD system?

The Veinoacc SCD LBTK-M-I 5004 is a great lightweight device for DVT therapy at a low-cost. It provides calf, thigh or foot compression therapy which increases blood velocity in the deep veins, reducing stasis and stimulating fibrinolysis to prevent and break down clots.

It's an all in one intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) therapy system with auto-recognition of thigh, calf, and/or foot garments. Designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind. Lightweight design and an integrated bed mount promote safe handling and convenient placement on a bed, table, or trolley.

The intended use of this product is to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The garments are single use only. It is not for use in the home healthcare environment.

  • Single leg mode option allows pump to be used with one garment
  • Pressure regulator, includes the option of varying the pressure if desired:
  • Leg/Calf Sleeves: 30-40-50-60 mmHg. Foot Cuffs: 130-140-150-160 mmHg
  • Quiet, vibration free pump allows the patient to rest without the distraction of a noisy pump.
  • Audible and visual alarms ensure prompt recognition of a system fault
  • Comprehensive range of calf and thigh length garments, in standard and large sizes provide a choice to the clinician and ensures correct sizing to deliver effective compression.
  • Comfortable polyfoam backing which is breathable, preventing sweating
  • Hook and loop fastener which is easy to fit snugly and adjust to different leg sizes
  • Snap-lock connectors make it simple to connect the garments to the pump and prevent accidental disconnection.

- Leg compression:

The leg garment compression is indicated for: Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism prophylaxis

- Foot compression:

The foot Cuff is also indicated for:
(1) Circulation enhancement
(2) Deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis
(3) Edema - acute, edema - chronic
(4) Extremity pain incident to trauma or surgery
(5) Leg ulcers
(6) Venous stasis / venous insufficiency


- Leg compression:

1) In the leg garments area exit the following affections:

a) Dermatitis
b) Vein legation (immediate post-operation)
c) Gangrene
d) Recent skin graft
2) Severe arteriosclerosis or other ischemic vascular disease
3) Massive edema of the legs or pulmonary edema from congestive heart failure
4) Extreme deformity of the leg
5) Suspected Pre-existing deep vein thrombosis

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