Hemodialysis & Decalcification



Renolive is a cold sterilant intended for use in the dialyzer reprocessing system. It is also used for manual dialyzer reprocessing. Renolive offers advantages compared to traditional chemicals used for reprocessing such as it replaces Formaldehyde, Hydrogen peroxide, and Bleach when used for dialyzer reprocessing. Renolive is a stabilized mixture of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and acetic acid.

Safer Disinfectant for Dialyzer

Renolive offers effective and safe disinfection. Residues if any in the dialyzer will degrade quickly into water and oxygen. Peracetic acid has superior disinfection activity because it has a higher oxidation potential than chlorine dioxide and sodium hypochlorite. Renolive is a safe disinfectant for dialyzer membrane whereas dialyzer membrane may get damaged when sodium hypochlorite is used as disinfectant.

Renolive edge over other

Renolive has superior disinfection activity. Renolive is safe to use, as peracetic acid dissolves in water and disintegrates to hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid which will fall apart to water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is safe for dialysis technician as it is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. Renolive has superior material compatibility unlike sodium hypochlorite and formaldehyde. Renolive does not cause the formation of anti-N-like antibodies.



Citrolive is a liquid concentrate with a single step process used to disinfect and decalcify Milking machine. It is a very effective disinfectant because of the synergistic effects of its natural ingredients.

Decalcification :

Formation of Ca/Mg salts or salt complexes helps in removal of calcium and magnesium deposits to reduce Milking machines breakdown.

Citrolive works effectively by :

  • Destructing the phospholipid layers.
  • Activity strongly increased by an increase in temperature, i.e at 83oC w ith exposure time of 15 minutes gives excellent virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal properties.
  • Citrolive should be fitted to the machine
  • Citrolive should be heated (≥60 C) for efficient results.
  • Ensure that power and water supply to the machine are operational.
  • Tum on the machines.
  • Important steps to be taken into consideration before activating the disinfecting program
  • Disinfecting routine for the milking machine.
  • Disconnect from the tank & remove the milk filter.
  • Rinse cluster & set up for disinfecting routine.
  • Pre-rinse immediately after milking (before cooling down ), with lukewarm water.
  • Washing phase (65-80 c)
  • Flushing (with cold water, until all chemical residues are removed)
  • It is not necessary to test residual citric acid if Citrolive is used, since it is a decaying agent which is formulated in a non-toxic solution.
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